Trying to decide of what eyeliner is best suited to You?

Your eyeliner can give you the look you want or the disaster that ruins your whole look! Below Heather Moore (Makeup Trainer and Assessor at EarthSentials Beauty Academy) talks about different eyeliner types, application and what does and doesn’t work.



Trying to decide on an eyeliner? Not an easy job is it!

There is so much to consider,


What eye look are you creating? Is it going to last the distance or melt away in the heat? How much time do you have to dedicate to creating this look….. (sorry for being late to work today Boss, my wings didn’t match!)

Liquid, Kohl, Gel/Cream, Pigments/Shadow – these are your four bases for eyeliner. Makeup brands continuously bring out new and beautiful ways to highlight the eyes, however it all comes back on one of these bases and all have their own strength and weaknesses.
Choosing the correct eyeliner is an inaugural part of the overall look of certain styles. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of different eyeliners and which liner works best with which look.

Liquid Liner

Steady hands, LOADS of practice and nerves of steel! This liner is the star of the eye makeup world.
This liner needs to be flawless and can have the tendency to make features look ‘pointy’ as it can accentuate sharp lines and may cause small eyes to look smaller.
Liquid liners can come in a felt pen style or with a wand and an inkwell, however all liquid liners are not created equal and it may take a little experimenting until you find the one right for you.
Great for…
• Fabulous for dramatic looks such as cats eye or cleopatra style
• Excellent for avante-guard / creative looks
• Perfect for creating straight, defined lines
• Brilliant for making your lashes look longer and more volumous
Not so great for…
• Liquid liner is just that…. Liquid – so can be messy and frustrating (hence the practice!)
• Time is needed to let the liquid dry or set
• Felt pen liquid liner can be hard to remove and may require layering
• Ink pot liquid liner can flake over time and can require the skill of a contortionist to apply – try not to poke yourself in the eye!


Gel/Cream Liner

Love me some gel eyeliner! This eyeliner is a makeup artists dream. It is versatile, and its smooth consistency gives it great blendability.
Gel liner comes in a pot with a brush, a pen or even a pencil! They are longwearing, layerable, buildable, and often waterproof and smudgeproof.
Great for…
• Creating dramatic smudgy smokey eyes
• Creating softer lines for a more natural or dreamy look
• Building up liner for a more dramatic look
• Using a brush to create a precise, defined line
• Beginners! If you are new to eyeliner, this is a great place to start practicing.
Not so great for…
• Generally needs a brush to apply – so that brush needs to be cleaned!
• Formulas can dry out over time as they are exposed to the air
• Gel or cream liners can tug at the skin a little especially if it beginning to dry out or you are using a pencil
• This liner can dry on the skin quickly so you may need to practice applying and blending quickly.

Pencil Liner

The staple of every makeup bag and probably the first eyeliner you ever used!

Pencil liners are available in a variety of colours and formulas, are easy to use – simply draw on close to the lash line and perfect for everyday wear.

Great for…
• Soft smokey lines – thick or thin.
• Great for smudging
• Cost effective alternative to gel or liquid liners
• Good for a more natural, subtle eye look

Not so great for…
• Longevity – pencil eyeliner tends to wear off so may require re-applying
• Can smudge – not in a good way!
• Will need sharpening

• Unless you have master class makeup skills and a laser sharp tip, creating a sharp line will be difficult


Pigments or Shadow Liner

Just add water!
Eyeshadow can be used very effectively as an eyeliner for a lovely natural look. You can simply smudge some across you lash line, or use a wet eyeline brush and give a little more definition.
Loose pigments make a fantastic eyeliner but do need a medium for lasting results. You can use water as with eyeshadow, a specific mixing medium such as Inglot’s Duraline or you could use eyedrops.
Great for…
• Intense eye looks that require bold liner
• Creating an eyeline in “exactly that right colour
• Longevity
Not so great for…
• Water as a mixing medium can be drying and may become flakey



Sometimes working out which eyeliner suits you best is a little trial and error, some products you feel will be fantastic and work with your desired makeup look may not, whilst others will complete the look completely. Always be willing to try new looks and don’t be afraid to go alittle bit out there!
Good Luck, find the right kind of eyeliner suitable for you and you’ll never look back!
All the best

Heather xx