Waxing – Everything you need to know!

Lets talk waxing and break it down to see if it’s the best option for you.

Without question waxing is one of the most used hair removal methods worldwide
and it provides incredible results, leaving your skin soft, smooth and stubble free.

If your looking at getting the best from your next waxing appointment, continue reading below 


Your wax results can often come down to how well you’ve prepare your skin prior to your appointment. Below we’ve included some tips and information on pre wax preparation so you can be rockin’ those little summer dresses and sexy swimwear this summer.

First things first – Tell your Esthetician everything!

It’s important to inform Esthetician about any skin sensitivities/ allergies you may have as well as information such as what medications you are taking and what skincare products you are apply to the area being waxed prior to your service. Informing your esthetician can help ensure your treatment will go as smoothly as possible without any nasty reactions it will also help in choosing the appropriate kind of wax for your skin type, and make the process a lot easier on your skin.

In addition, scheduling your appointment around certain times of the month can be helpful, especially since sensitivity caused from your menstrual cycle, can make the removal process more painful than it really should be. A week either side of your menstual cycle will work best.

Next prep your skin beforehand

We recommend exfoliating before and in the weeks after your wax, it keeps the dead skin cells at bay, and it allows hairs to break through the surface once they begin to reappear, we recommend exfoliating 2-3 prior to your appointment to ensure no skin irritations occurs prior to your appointment.

Keep your skin hydrated daily prior to your wax however avoid moisturising the day of as the moisturiser can coat the hair and interfere with the wax.

Another tip to a great wax is ensure your hair is long enough, your hair should be a minimum of half a cm long before heading to the salon.

Prepare for the pain (but it’ll be worth it, we promise)

Pain during waxing is mostly unavoidable, this is one of the widely known reasons people tend to shy away from waxing. But while pain is an unfortunate part of the waxing process there are things you can do to keep the pain to a minimum. Things like avoiding triggers like alcohol and caffeine a few days before your wax can help reduce pain, making the process a little more bearable but most importantly avoid alcohol, caffeine, and exercise beforehand This induces the circulation of the blood, which will make it more painful. We also recommend taking an over the counter pain relief such as panadol, taken approx 45mins prior to your treatment can help immensely (avoid aspirin as it will induce blood flow)

Insure you follow proper aftercare advice

Caring for your skin post-waxing is as and if not more important as all that prep. Typically you should wait at least four to six weeks until scheduling your next wax, making it extra important for you to care for your skin until your next visit.

Continue to apply a nourishing and soothing moisturiser to help calm the skin. We recommend waiting 3 or more days before exfoliating to ensure you do not irritate your skin further.

Go on, make the appointment and bring a new meaning of soft and smooth to you skin! You’ll love it, we promise!



How long does my hair have to be before waxing? 
We recommend leaving your hair to grow at least .5 cm before waxing.

Can I wax whilst I’m on birth control? 

Mostly its fine to wax whilst on the birth control pill however we strongly recommend speaking to your doctor about this and letting your therapist know before attending your appointment.

Can I wax if I’ve been in the sun?
We strongly discourage any sun exposure to your skin prior and after your appointment as your skin is already compromised. direct sunlight can make your skin more sensitive.

Can I wax if I’m on medication for my skin?

Medications such as blood thinners, diabetes, phlebitis, cancer treatment medications – You must have your doctors approval, no questions asked. You should also avoid waxing anywhere you are using Retin-A products.