Tips to keep your Gel and Acrylic Nails Lasting Longer

Nail Tips From Jo
(Our Nail Technology Educator and Assessor) on how to keep your Acrylic or Hard Gel nails looking great between appointments!

  1. Always treat your nails as JEWELS not TOOLS, use a screwdriver to get that screw out!
  2. Don’t have your nails too long, if you’re not use to length then just keep them short for now, get use to length before going the whole stiletto look or you will break them
  3. Use hand cream, keep your hands and nails hydrated ( your nail tech will have a great one to buy)
  4. Use cuticle oil, don’t let your cuticles dry out and crack or they will catch on your clothes and you’ll want to play with them, your nail will also dry out adding to the possibility of lifting enhancements
  5. Clean your nails regularly remember to clean under your nails and around the cuticle area to keep them looking brand new
  6. Wear gloves in the garden or washing up, this protects the nails and skin on the hands
  7. Apply top gloss polish, after a week or two if they are looking a little dull pop a layer of your best top coat (ask your nail tech which one to use) and they’ll be looking brand new again
  8. Remember to make your next appointment before leaving the salon and don’t wait too long between fills
  9. But the most important thing is to love your nails and show them off