The difference between Eczema and Psoriasis and all its challenges!

The difference between Eczema and Psoriasis and all its challenges!



Eczema tends to be more on the joints of areas, such as around the ankles, back of knees, inner elbow, on the neck, eyes, and around the hair line and is similar to dermatitis, appearing as tiny vesicles in a red, sensitive skin.

It is hereditary or with accompanied with asthma or other allergies. The skin has a tendency to be dryer and thickened which has a decreased water holding capacity. Eczema sufferers tend to itch, so have an increased susceptibility to bacteria infections.

Low stomach acid is common with eczema sufferers and food intolerance’s which can be tested. Triggers can be anything and each person is different and can be from temperature fluctuations, dust, detergents, rough clothing or even fruit juices.

Eczema usually appears in childhood and can go into remission before appearing again in adulthood.



Psoriasis is an extremely common skin disorder. The condition is caused by a pile-up of skin cells that have replicated too rapidly, so still too young to accept the outside world.  The basic defect lies within the skin cells themselves and so rebalancing these is the prime therapeutic goal.  A number of factors appear to be responsible:

Incomplete protein digestion

Bowel toxaemia

Impaired liver function

Excess consumption of animal fats

Alcohol consumption


Incomplete protein digestion – If protein digestion is incomplete there is an inadequate intestinal absorption of amino acids that become toxic amino acids known as polyamines.  Best treatment for this is Vitamin A and Goldenseal, and a supplement of hydrochloric acid or Digestive enzymes and Pancreatic enzymes. Dietary fibre is also crucial and in most instances Candida overgrowth (yeast) can be a high contributing factor in the intestines. Other supplements of Honduran sarsaparilla, Silymarin and Milk Thistle have been valuable in treating this.


For both of these 10-12 grams of Essential fatty acids such as fish oil is important in the management of these conditions.


From experience, Tracey recommends: –

I have found removing fish from the diet that contain high levels of lead (so only eat cold water fish if necessary) but do ensure you increase fish oils in the diet.  Remove tomatoes and citrus (orange juice) from your diet, due to it being too acid which can cause flare ups.  Stress also seems to be a big contributing factor.

AND using
Topical natural treatments: 

Psoriasis – EarthSentials Neem tincture applied directly to the skin (water based)

EarthSentials Soothing lavender body oil – water soluble day and night

Use the EarthSentials macro/mineral soothing white body clay, mix to a paste and apply at least twice per day for the first week, once the eczema becomes less angry this clay can be cut back to once every couple of days until the eczema has disappeared.

Rosehip oil once it has improved can be applied to the area. If still redenned you can add St Johns wort into the formula and apply morning and night to reduce scarring.


Be sure to eliminate food and cosmetic triggers.