The trick to long lasting lipstick – Tips from our Make-Up Specialist Heather Moore

Heather Moore – Make-Up Specialist/ Trainer & Assessor
shares her tips and and the trick to long lasting lipstick!


The trick to long lasting lipstick, just like long lasting foundation, is making sure your base is prepped.


  •  Exfoliate your lips – especially around this time of year! Slothing off those dead skin cells will create soft luscious lippy ready lips! We stock a lovely facial/lip exfoliate that is gentle enough for sensitive area’s such as lips but gives a fantastic results leaving you with soft smooth lips or you can make your own… I make my own using coconut oil,  cane sugar, lemon juice and my favourite essential oils.
  • Lip Liner – they do help but are not always necessary. You can get a great line using an angled lip brush too, however they are perfect for creating a lip stain rather than wearing a lipstick.
  • Blotting your lips – after application, bite down on a tissue to remove excess – this will help the lippy stay put and help prevent lippy on your teeth!
  • Powdering your lips – as a final defence against bleeding and moving, a cool trick is to place a tissue across your lips and dab over a light layer of setting translucent powder using a large powder brush. This helps to matify the lips and set your lippy for long lasting wear! Finally reapply your Lipstick over the top for a finished look!

Troubleshoot Note:  If you find your lipstick bleeds or changes colour once applied to your lips that appears different to the colour in the tube you can try using a primer.
It is actually to neurtralise your natural lip colour so the true colour of your lipstick stays and helps with a smoother application!

Did you know that we offer our very own range of Natural Makeup – Pure and Natural Makeup Range?

The benefits of Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made from 100% micronized minerals. Mica, for example, is a transparent mineral, which is mined from the earth in thin sheets. It can be opalescent and sparkling or completely matte, ranging in colour from grey to blue to green.  It is often treated with iron oxides to yield brilliant colour effects.  Due to the sheer, translucent and skin-hugging effect of the mica mineral, your natural skin tone shines through when you use our blush, facial powders or eye shadows.  All of our cosmetics contain mica, which reflects light from the face, creating an illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone. Fine lines are softened; skin appears more even and more healthy.


Bismuth Oxychloride – some brands of mineral makeup include this ingredient in small amounts.  This ingredient is an irritant, it actually irritate acne and roseacea.

Carmine – Is an insect extract.

Using Pure and Natural Makeup –  Products you need for the above tips:

  •  SKINFresh Facial Exfoliant
  • Lip liner (check out our colour range)
  • Lipstick (Colour of your choice)
  • Setting Powder

If you you would like more information on any of the above information or would like to find out more about the products we offer, contact us on