Stronger Natural Nails!

Would you like stronger natural nails? 

For some, healthy strong nails it seems impossible whilst others have been blessed with strong natural nails

If you struggle to have natural strong fast growing nails we have a few tips below on how to care and get the best out of your nails!




  • Keep them short, if they get too long they will break at their stress point near the nail bed
  • Squoval is a good shape for strength, straight side and rounded tip!
  • Regular manicures is a must !

Do eat a well-balanced diet. Diet plays a huge role in all functions of the body. To attain strong and healthy nails. Nails are made out of protein, so try is adding more protein to your diet as this can be very helpful. Some good examples of protein are lean poultry, fish, beef and pork, as well as spinach and other vegetables.

Genes can also play a big part in having weak/brittle nails, taking supplement and using products applied directly to the nails  is a great way to strengthen nails and promote growth.
Drinking lots of water is also important to keep nails and cuticles hydrated.

Don’t overdo it with the hand sanitizer. With all the germs we come in contact with on a daily basis, it’s easy to overdo it on the hand sanitizer however the germ-fighting solution could be doing more harm then good.

You should apply it on the skin, but be careful not to put it on the nails,  By overusing the product it because it’ll really dry out your hands and the nails.  Soap is also drying to some degree, so when putting anything on your hands just be careful of your nails and cuticles.

Fast growth 

Regularly massage your cuticles with cream and cuticle oil, it helps to stimulate the blood circulation

Looking after and caring for your nails is something that often doesn’t take a much time its more the remembering to do it, choose a time to add it into your daily routine i.e whilst watching your favourite TV show or put aside 5 mins before your shower, bed etc, whatever time works best for you choose a time that you can incorporate nail care into your daily routine, and the key is consistency,  create an everyday habit and soon you will be reaping the benefits of beautiful, strong and fast growing nails!

J x