Meet our EarthSentials team – Heather Moore

Meet our EarthSentials Team – Samantha Echevarri

1.  What is your name and what do you do at EarthSentials?

My name is Samantha Echevarri and I am the Beauty Trainer, Assessor and Educator

2.  How long have you been working for EarthSentials?

I have been working with EarthSentials for almost 10 years now.  Prior to that, I lived in Sydney and was teaching in a Sydney Beauty Training School.

3. What do you enjoy about teaching the most?

I love everything about teaching.  My passion is to inspire and teach each new student exceptional skills and knowledge in all areas of beauty and furthermore, watching them obtain jobs while they are still studying. It  is a great feeling knowing that I have trained hundreds of students in Australia and many of them have become very successful salon owners or even traveled the world using their Qualification.

4. How long where you working in the Beauty Industry prior to becoming a Trainer and Assessor?

This is making me look old now haha!  I worked as a Beauty Therapist for 22 year prior to becoming a Trainer and Assessor.

Working  as a Beauty Therapist has taken be all over the world!

I’ve worked in Dubai, the UK, and on a 5 star Cruise Liner as a Beauty Therapist. I  have worked in top Spas such as The Hyatt Regency as assistant Manager, as well  local salons in Sydney finally settling in Brisbane here at EarthSentials!

I love it, I have experienced so much in my life.

5. What is your favourite EarthSentials product?

I love the Rejuva Cell Serum! It’s like Botox in a bottle.

Here’s my tip for using it  –  I love putting it under my Make-up in the morning, it makes my skin look nice a dewy. Who doesn’t want that?!